BigSpot A real survey Panel or A Scam?

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BigSpot.Com Review | Is this Site For Real?

Many online survey companies claim to offer money and instant rewards in return of fulfilling a survey form but it’s really hard to separate legit from scam in this bulk of information thrown at you. Bigspot is one such company which claims to offer money for participating in online surveys. To register, you go to the Bigspot website and fill out your personal information including your email address then you pick one survey out of the available surveys that match your demographics.

Bigspot runs TV commercials advertising Bigspot claiming to be legit and that you can earn money with filling out simple surveys that take a little time. But the reality is seemingly opposite. In this time of economic depression hundreds and thousands of people try to make some extra cash but are befooled by survey companies like Bigspot .Once you give your personal information your inbox is flooded with junk mail selling you  products based on your demographics which you think will help you get the relevant survey. People get tempted by the TV commercials to sign up but they usually end up with nothing. Actually all Bigspot wants is your personal information for advertising, it’s just a marketing tactic, nothing more.


Well, BigSpot is more of A Spam Than Scam...

The owners who designed Bigspot are very smart; they know how to lure people to get their personal information out which is highly unethical. When you log on to the website all you see is a personal information form, it doesn’t even tell you what types of surveys are there so you can decide if they relevant to you or if you are interested or not. It has been observed that no matter what demographic you put in the sign up form you get selected for the same surveys which is clearly something fishy. How can a person from Africa be selected to evaluate the service of Wall mart?

Bigspot is linked with various companies and as soon as you give your information in their hands, they forward it to those companies and advertisers which do email marketing taking you as target market. Bigspot does this in return of money and this is how they exactly earn. A legit survey company would not want your email address because if you have completed a survey and they received the data they want, they would leave you alone but it’ s not the case. And the worst thing about those junk emails is that you cannot unsubscribe from those companies because you never subscribe intentionally, Bigspot scam leaks out your personal information to the third party.

Bigspot fooled many people luring them into the hope of winning cash which waste a lot of your time but all survey companies are not like that. You just need to do some research, a little home work that will save you from hundreds of junk emails and wastage of your time. But do keep this in mind these survey companies don’t make you rich or can’t serve as like regular online job but it’s good to generate some extra cash. Because companies need honest opinion and feedback that will help them improve or evaluate their current performance.

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